1st HAP2 paper published!


Our first HAP2 paper: How to investigate the effects of groups on changes in longitudinal patient-reported outcomes and response shift using Rasch models, by Karima Hammas, Veronique Sebille, Priscilla Brisson, Jean-Benoit Hardouin, Myriam Blanchin, was published in Frontiers in Psychology, section Quantitative Psychology and Measurement in December 2020.


This publication is an important stepping stone to developping a method assessing the changes experienced by patients and relatives after ICU discharge in terms of health-related quality of life and psychological disorders. This method will enable to detect and account for differing perceptions of their living experience (response shift), if appropriate. Thanks to this method, the suitability and acceptability of host-targeted treatment of IL-12 and IFN-γ for HAP treatment and prevention in different population groups will be assessed in a reliable and unbiased manner.


Congratulations to the WP5 team for a great achievement !


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